Why Faroe Islands?

Did you know that 305 different bird species breed on the islands or visit the area regularly? Among them are puffins, probably the most famous inhabitants of the Faroe Islands and a symbol of this archipelago. Birdwatching is seasonal, however if you join our birdwatching tours during the summer months, we promise a wonderful experience for both bird and nature lovers alike.

Locals have fished here for centuries, and fishing still plays a vital role in the community today. One could certainly say, that fishing is what the Faroe Islanders do best, and they will be only too happy to have you on board one of their boats! Our tour will take you through beautiful scenery and tranquil waters, where you might catch species such as cod, squid, halibut, catfish, monkfish, herring, pollock, among many others.

Discover one, or more, of the 18 mountainous islands that form the archipelago. 

Whether by foot or bike, our tours take you along the most beautiful trails and stop by some incredible viewpoints.

Dare to join our tours and experience the magnificent and untouched nature of the Faroe Islands.

Discover the optical illusion of Sørvágsvat with us, also known as Leitisvatn or "the lake over the ocean". When viewed from a particular angle, the mind is tricked into believing that the lake is actually hovering directly above the sea. This lake, together with the impressive cliffs, are one of the main natural attractions we invite you to visit.

Discover the aromas and flavors of the Faroese cuisine with us. From dried fish to fermented lamb, sheep’s head or stewed rhubarb, the archipelago offers a truly exciting culinary experience. From traditional meals to the delicacies of a Michelin star restaurant, the Faroe Islands offers a broad range of gastronomical experiences to suit all tastes.