I’m the proud co-owner of Delta of Scandinavia and in Scandinavian incoming tourism business since 2006. Originally from Italy, I have been living in Denmark for more than 20 years and have embraced the Nordic culture as my own.  With a profound knowledge of the Nordic regions, I lead daily the operational staff helping to create exclusive tailor-made programs for our overseas clients.

I arrived in Denmark in 1996, and I never left! Totally in love with the Scandinavian culture and values, I decided to find a job that could give me the possibility to show the beauty of the Nordic countries. After 17 years’ experience in the Incoming tourism, with several managerial position, I decided to go on with the acquisition of Delta of Scandinavia.  The best decision of my professional life!

I started working in the travel industry in 2004 after a post-university education in Management of Sustainable Tourism, so somehow this is what I have been doing all my life and I still do with a huge passion. My heart is in the Arctic region: where people see cold, darkness and tough conditions I see cool experiences, Northern lights and unique places!

I entered tourism in 2013 while finishing a Master’s in Tourism – and working in inbound has since become an integral part of my lifestyle. The endless opportunities to travel in Scandinavia and the world, to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures is what drives me every day. I find all of this in Delta of Scandinavia and the great opportunity to work with markets that keep you on your toes.

My love story with the Nordic Countries started in 2010, when I moved to Norway as an exchange student: I met a culture and a lifestyle who has never left me. I worked for some years as a tour leader around Norway, Iceland, and Sweden and then in 2018 I joined Delta of Scandinavia.
Nothing makes me happier than using my knowledge to help people discovering the North.

I moved my first steps in the world of tourism in 2011, when I was working as a tour leader while studying at the university. After graduating in Economics, I started traveling the world while working in this business, accumulating knowledge, and experience in the world of tourism & hospitality. I now live in Denmark and I am the group department manager in Delta of Scandinavia.

I adore exploring the magnificent North and finding the hidden gems beyond the ordinary. Tourism has been my home for years – and I like to enrich the guest experience and to make mutually rewarding deals with operators in tourism. I have mainly worked with Italy, Denmark, and the other Nordic regions. At Delta of Scandinavia, I am responsible for our supplier contracts.

I approached the tourism industry in 2019 working for a DMC in Ireland after my studies in Tourism Management, followed by an experience in the airline sector. I am glad to be working with my passion, and helping my clients discovering the hidden beauty Scandinavia has to offer. At Delta of Scandinavia I am part of the International FIT team.

I have been employed in international companies since 1994 and as CFO with staff responsibilities for 25 years, of which the last 8 years in the tourism industry. With my extensive experience with all functions in accounting, I have the leading position as Financial Manager at Delta of Scandinavia.


I joined Delta’s FIT department in 2018, bringing over 25 years of experience working in the Travel Industry, including operations, sales, guiding and interpreting in several languages. Created my own company of tailor-made guided tours in Madrid (2004). I love the creative side of my work pivoting between sales, operations, and ensuring that high standard of our products and services is delivered.

I joined Delta of Scandinavia after 10 years of different paths despite my educational background in the world of tourism. As an enthusiast of the Scandinavian world, I first turned from a simple tourist into a tour guide until I landed in the office as a project manager, personally in charge of creating individual itineraries for the Italian market, with the goal of making other people fall in love with these places.

Interested in travels and foreign countries since I was a child, I dedicated my whole educational path to the study of foreign languages, spending study holidays abroad and a year in China, both as university student and worker. Joining Delta of Scandinavia where I’m working as project manager in the group department has been one of the best decisions of my life and makes this passion about travel a job.

I have always been passionate about discovering new ways to experience life around the world. I have participated in EU initiatives around Europe and spent a year in Ghana. Eventually, after a trip to Norway related to sustainable tourism, I discovered how fascinating the Scandinavian countries are. Today, I am lucky to combine work and passion in Delta of Scandinavia, tailoring itineraries for those travel addicted like me.

After a few years as an enthusiastic traveller, I realized that the landscape of Scandinavia is more diverse than any other place on earth, so I’ve finally landed into this flourishing world becoming part of Delta of Scandinavia. Through my background studies and my thirst for knowledge, I started working in tourism in order to creating astonishing itineraries so everyone could enjoy these beautiful countries.

I've always been passionate about travels and I actually decided to get my diploma in tourism.
After the university, I moved abroad and I took my first steps in tourism in 2012 while working for a tour operator based in Malta. Since then, I have never left this world and at Delta of Scandinavia I couldn't be happier to carry on with this fantastic opportunity!

I’m a language lover and after graduating from a Master to teach English as a foreign language I realized my love for languages was the kind that was meant to traveling, exploring the world, discovering new cultures… Since then, I have lived in different countries amongst which Argentina where I have fulfilled my desire of learning Spanish – and Denmark which is when my journey with the Nordic countries began.

When I arrived in Scandinavia, I immediately appreciated the atmosphere of this magnificent region. Everything here seems to be kindred to my life philosophy: the calm of these lands, the climate, the landscape. As an Operations Manager, I take care of groups and I hope I will transmit all my passion for these places, and for the North, to our clients.

I have a bachelor’s in business administration with a specialization in Economy of commerce, tourism, and services. After a few years of traveling, and working in a travel agency, I decided to continue my studies and not long ago I completed a Masters in Tourism at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. At Delta of Scandinavia I am responsible for creating unique and memorable travel experiences.

I have always wanted to travel and live abroad since I was very young. When I moved to Copenhagen, I had my first experience in tourism, as I started in Delta. I like to help people the best I can and being with Delta allows me to do so.

All started when I travelled to Denmark and Norway in 2017: I remained fascinated by the Scandinavian culture, based on freedom, high societal trust and happiness. After that trip, Copenhagen, the coveted city that I dreamt for years, has finally become my home. Delta of Scandinavia helped me to deeply explore Nordic lands and now I hope to transmit to my travelling groups the same sensations I had the first time.

I have always been fascinated by the Nordic countries both for their specific nature and culture. I joined Delta of Scandinavia after having worked for 20 years in international contexts in Europe, South America, and Asia, both in private and no profit sectors. I am really delighted to work at Delta of Scandinavia, as it allows me to share my passion for the Nordic region.

Being raised in Iceland gave me great appreciation for the surrounding nature, and throughout the years I have explored the spectacular Nordic regions. After working as a guide in Iceland and Denmark for a decade, I pursued an education in tourism management in Copenhagen, where I was introduced to Delta. It is truly fulfilling having the opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to the Nordic region.

I consider every journey as an opportunity to discover not only new cultures but also to get lost and find yourself, that’s why I love this job. I have been employed in the tourism industry for over 20 years, commencing my career as a travel agent at a young age and subsequently operating my own agency in Turin, Italy. In the Delta team I am part of the international groups department.

I love the sun and hiking! And when the two combined I am the happiest. I have an education in Accounting, Strategy & Control, and I joined the tourism industry from the accounting perspective in 2018. At Delta of Scandinavia, I help with the accounts payable and project controlling.

Mountain peaks and forests covered in snow are my kind of place. That’s where nature offers the perfect calmness and where digital devices are nowhere to be seen. I enjoy connecting with enthusiastic travellers to share my passion for adventures since joining the travel industry for my studies in 2014. My curiosity to explore outside my comfort zone is still leading me on this journey and through tranquil Scandinavia.