I’m the proud co-owner of Delta of Scandinavia and in Scandinavian incoming tourism business since 2006. Originally from Italy, I have been living in Denmark for more than 20 years and have embraced the Nordic culture as my own.  With a profound knowledge of the Nordic regions, I lead daily the operational staff helping to create exclusive tailor-made programs for our overseas clients.

I arrived in Denmark in 1996, and I never left! Totally in love with the Scandinavia culture and values, I decided to find a job that gave me the possibility to show the beauty of the Nordic countries. After 17 years’ experience in the Incoming tourism, with several managerial position, I decided to go on with the acquisition of Delta of Scandinavia. This was, and still is, one of the best decision of my professional life!

I started working in the travel industry in 2004 after a post-university education in Management of Sustainable Tourism. I have experiences in both the outgoing and since 2010 in the incoming business. I joined Delta in 2016 and covered several tasks; today, sales represent my primary focus and I attend many fairs and workshops around the world. When I can, I also guide some groups in the Arctic region.

I joined Delta’s FIT department in 2018, bringing over 25 years of experience working in the Travel Industry, including operations, sales, guiding and interpreting in several languages. Created my own company of tailor-made guided tours in Madrid (2004). I love the creative side of my work pivoting between sales, operations, and ensuring that high standard of our products and services is delivered.

I have been employed in international companies since 1997 and as CFO with staff responsibilities for 22 years, of which the last 8 years in the tourism industry. With my extensive experience with all functions in accounting, I have the leading position as Financial Manager at Delta of Scandinavia.


I have joined Delta team in 2017, but already in 2007 I have made my first steps in tourism as a tourist guide. All these years of traveling around the world is helping me tremendously, when creating personalized itineraries for our clients and making sure they come back home with a lifetime experience.

Passionate about travel since I was little, I pursued my dream of engaging with foreign cultures through studying Tourism Management in Germany, having a semester abroad in Indonesia and completing my Master’s Degree in Denmark. At Delta of Scandinavia I’m proud to design unique trips and contribute to Wow moments for our clients. 

I moved my first steps in the world of tourism in 2011, when I was working as a tour leader while studying at the university. After graduating in Economics, I started traveling the world while working in this business, accumulating knowledge and experience in the world of hospitality. In 2021 I moved to Denmark and today I manage operations and groups at Delta of Scandinavia.