Why Sweden?

With 14 islands and 57 bridges, Stockholm is also known as the “Venice of the North”. Walk through the narrow streets of the old city (Gamla Stan), reach the City Hall where the Nobel Ceremony takes place and continue towards  the various districts with their own vibes and famous museums!

A place where history, food, art, fashion, technology, and design live in a unique harmony.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm city centre, Drottningholm Palace near Stockholm and Solliden on the Baltic island of Öland provide fascinating glimpses into how the Swedish royals live, work and holiday.

A number of idyllic manor houses are located surprisingly near the major cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg on the western coast and Malmö at the very south-western tip of the country. 

Swedish Lapland is a region unlike any other, the only Swedish region that borders two other countries – Norway and Finland.

Is the land of Midnight Sun and Northern Lights with world-class accommodation like the first Icehotel in the world. The total population of Swedish Lapland is only 326,000, It’s also home to three rivers and 8,727 lakes which means there are more than two lakes for every person living in the area!


The Swedish 'fika' is much more than having a coffee with a variety of sweets.

It is an important social event, where you get the opportunity to recharge and share a moment with friends, family or just yourself.

Sweden is the birthplace of a long row of successful companies with global reach. The country’s forward-thinking culture and digitally connected economy have a lot to do with this. Brands like Volvo, H&M, Ericsson are well known since years as well as the newest ones like Minecraft or Spotify and almost everyone has a piece of Sweden at home thanks to Ikea.