Why Latvia?

Riga is one of the most ancient capitals of Europe where the astonishing skyline bears witness to the Gothic spires of the Old Town mingling in harmony with the fantastic facades of one of the world's finest collection of Art Noveau's architecture. 

From the narrow, cobblestone streets, to the breathtaking river views, Riga’s charm is hidden in so many delightful corners!

The shores of the Baltic Sea in Latvia are almost 500 km long and never cease to surprise with their dunes, steep cliffs, sandstone outcrops, dramatic rocks and caverns, alongside charming fishing villages and popular resort cities.

With the possibility of a one-night mini cruise between Riga and Stockholm, Latvia and Sweden are connected by an easy and convenient journey!

A fantastic example of Accessible Tourism is Liepaja, an attractive town situated on the shore of the Amber Sea. In the 2013 it was the winner of the EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) competition, for being the best “city for everyone”.

The city's features include built-in guidelines on pedestrian streets, ’tactile’ maps, excellent beach accessibility for wheelchairs users and special buoys to facilitate safe bathing for visual impaired people.

Thanks to the unique collection of magnificent Art Nouveau edifices, the city center of Riga has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.

Even though the style’s active period, from 1901 to 1908, was relatively short, along the famous Albert Street it is possible to admire a magnificent collection of Art Nouveau architectural heritage, that remains unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Latvia has colossal number of unique palaces and manors, built throughout different centuries. Hundreds of these historic landmarks have been beautifully preserved, each with unique architectural, cultural, and historical heritage.

Many such palaces and manors are available for tours, and they also offer possibilities for overnight stays and various activities, including fine dining, visiting a spa, outdoor recreation and much more besides.