Why Lithuania?

Lithuanian’s spa heritage varies from traditional mineral water treatments, to therapeutic mud, to innovative healing methods based on amber.

Are you ready to be spoiled by the finely-balanced fusion of medical science, best expertise, and pure nature?

Vilnius is a modern, homely and welcoming city, full of culture and history.

Wander around the most fabulous courtyards and passageways, take a kayak trip along one of the rivers for an alternative perspective of the city, or even fly over it!

Did you know that Vilnius is one of the few cities in Europe that allows hot air balloons to fly above the city center?

Open to a diversity of culture, artistic trends and architectural styles, Lithuania has created an extraordinary and unique architectural legacy.

From the magnificent Gothic style, that finds its best expression in the Trakai castle, to the Italian-inspired Renaissance buildings, or the impressive Baroque school, any corner of the country will surprise and inspire you!

In Lithuania pilgrimage has been a tradition for hundreds of years.

The Hill of Crosses is a potent symbol of faith, hope, and freedom. During the Soviet era, these crosses were frequently removed by the authorities, but locals continuously replaced them.

Come to Lithuania to find inner spiritual peace in unique locations, each with their own distinctive aura and most of them located in sites of outstanding natural beauty!

Are you looking to feel the true harmony between man and nature? Or be able to connect with a nature completely untouched by humans? Or just simply enjoy the purest air and the tranquility of being outdoors?

From crystal-clear lakes and mysterious swamps, to centuries-old forests, and archaic villages... there are hundreds of places that are waiting for you!