Adventure Travel

Enjoy the land of ice and fire with a 4x4 Super Jeep that will take you to the most remote and wild corners of Iceland, or easily cross through rough volcanic terrain with an ATV Quad Bike Tour.

Hike to the top of a fjord or through alpine scenery. The western and northernmost countryside in Scandinavia spent thousands of years under a thick glacier during the ice age. As the planet warmed and the glacier receded, it carved out the deep valleys and iconic coastal fjords. From the glaciers to the numerous frozen waterfalls there are plenty of possibilities for ice climbing lovers.

Iceland is characterized by dozens of volcanoe craters and hot springs. Many lava tubes have turned into caves that have been used as shelters for many people or animals during many years. There are 4 types of Icelandic caves: lava caves, ice caves, glacier caves and man-made cave. After visiting an ice or a lava cave, with their incredible colors and shapes, you will not see the world with the same eyes again. It is a truly unique experience!

Snowmobile safari is a must during winter tours in the Nordic Countries and could be combined with wilderness lunches, dinner in Sami teepees, saunas, campfires, ice fishing and so on. You can drive through immaculate forests, on immense glaciers, or on a frozen sea. For a more environmentally-friendly experience, there is also a possibility to use silent electric snowmobiles in Finnish Lapland. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this amazing experience under the northern lights!

Be part of a pack of huskies who cannot wait to show you how good they are at pulling your sled. You can decide to drive it yourself or be driven by a guide, in any case, the dogs will be happy to just run, and to be cuddled at the end of the tour!

Water is the element that characterizes each of our destinations. For a unique experience, enjoy a whale safari in a RIB boat in the North of Norway or in Iceland, and you might even get a close-up look at these amazing and incredible giants of the sea. A RIB boat tour will allow you to discover the fjords, getting close to the shores to admire the waterfalls. In a river rafting excursion, you will discover the beauty of the Nordics with a taste of adrenaline. And why not take a kayak tour in the city?