Why Iceland?

A natural wonder which is strongly associated with Icelandic culture, is the use of geothermally warm or hot water. The spa is a modern day invention, but enjoying the various health benefits of bathing in thermal baths is an Icelandic tradition dating back to the settlement times. The luxury of geothermally heated water can be enjoyed in many places, probably the most famous of these being the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland has around 30 active volcanic systems. Over the past 500 years, these have produced a third of the total global lava output: everybody remembers the eruption of Eyafjallajökull in 2010, but traces of volcanism are everywhere in Iceland: black sand beaches, lava fields, lava caves, and craters, and all of these phenomena are easily visible while travelling around the island.

From September to April, Iceland is a hotspot for the magnificent spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

More commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, this natural phenomenon is visible on a clear sky at night. Many hotels in the countryside offer a special Northern Lights wake-up service, so you can go to sleep without having to worry about missing the Aurora, if it appears.

The history of the Icelandic Horse can be traced back to the late 9th century, when Viking settlers brought their best horses with them to the island. Since then the breed has remained pure for over a thousand years. What makes the pure bred Icelandic Horse unique is that it masters five gaits: walk, trot, tölt, gallop and flying pace. Once in Iceland, you have to visit a stable!

Iceland is the paradise for adventure lovers: super jeeps, snowmobiles, ice caves, lava caves, snorkelling between the continents, everything that you can imagine is possible to do in Iceland. The outstanding nature in this country affords the visitor the opportunity to experience a diverse range of stimulating activities without having to travel to different places: Iceland has it all!

Probably the most famous excursion in Iceland, the Golden Circle is a 300 kms route to three of the most popular attractions on offer in Iceland: the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area and the Gullfoss Waterfall. This trip can be easily covered in one day and many other activities can be combined with it, in both summer and winter!