Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights is an incredible experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. For this reason, many decide to have a private tour and share these moments only with the people that they love: it is also a special way to propose to your Partner!

The most common way to find the Northern Lights is by 'chasing' them on a bus. The big advantage of the 'chase' is that the guides can decide at the very last moment where to go: weather forecasts and dialogue with the locals are key factors when deciding where to go. Sometimes you need to drive for two hours, but the spectacular show of the lights will be an tremendously worthwhile reward.

The best solution for those who do not like to drive for too long and prefer to spend a cozy evening waiting for the Northern Lights. At the camps you can find hot drinks, food, refreshments and everything you need while you wait for the Aurora to appear. Sitting around a fireplace and listening to a joik is always a special experience.

The Arctic region offers a broad-range of different activities, and most of them can also be done in the evening: dog sledding, snowmobile, reindeer sledding, floating on the river, dinner at the Snow Castle, etc. There are therefore many ways to spend an evening while waiting for the Northern Lights, and in this way you should not be too disappointed if the lights do not show since, you are having a fantastic experience anyway!

A very special activity that is only available in few places. Boarding a boat is a different way to get away from the light pollution of the cities, and seeing the Northern Lights from the sea is quite spectacular. During the evening you can decide to have dinner on board or to enjoy a drink or two while sitting in your warm and comfortable chair.

Do you want a once in a lifetime experience? There you go: spend a night in a glass igloo and enjoy the magic of the Northern Lights while lying comfortably on your bed. The glass is heated. so the snow or ice will not prevent you from seeing the Aurora: this is the most romantic and spectacular way to see the Northern Lights!