Why Norway?

The fjords are a symbol of Norway. From North to South, the country´s geography is shaped by more than a thousand different fjords, some of them protected by UNESCO. Join our boat tours or RIB boat safaris, a kayak or paddling activity in order to experience some of the most iconic fjords in the country with us, such as the Sognefjord, the Lysefjord, or the Geirangerfjord.

Did you know that Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the world and more fjords than any other place on Earth?  This makes the country a great destination for those who love sailing. Unleash your voyager spirit to discover incredible wildlife, impressive fjords, mountains, and glaciers.

Whether it is northbound or southbound, summer or winter, we welcome you on board for a memorable journey. 



From late-September to late-March, the dark skies of Norway become a perfect stage to see the colorful dancing lights.

Far from the light pollution of the cities, our experts will use their knowledge, and technology, to find the best places to spot the aurora borealis.

Whether it is on a private car tour, by boat or on a husky sled, our tours in Norway will offer memories that last for a lifetime.


Norway is an outdoor playground and a world-class nature destination.

Throughout the country we offer numerous activities in stunning surroundings: glacier hikes, short walks in the mountains, bike tours in the cities, paddling and kayaking in the fjords, winter activities and many other soft adventures!

Do you know why the sun “never sets” during the summer months in northern Norway?

Travel with us and seize a unique opportunity to discover this natural phenomenon, that takes place when the arctic ’North’ pole is angled towards the sun. See nature and wildlife in a different light, and experience how it is to live where the sun hardly sets.


Explore the Viking roots of Norway with our themed excursions focusing on the most feared Nordic warriors.

Join us for a visit to the village Vikingaliv in Gudvangen, let us bring you to the famous Viking Ship Museum in Oslo or to The Viking Planet, where a virtual reality experience brings these warriors back to life.