We are passionately committed to building a more circular, greener future, which positively influences our impact on the natural, societal, and economic environments that surround us, by striving to actively reduce the footprint of our operations and tours.

That is why we…

ADVISE our clients about how to make their tour more environmentally friendly. Our employees address sustainability issues by including certified hotels, sustainable activities such as walking tours, and/or greener means of transport, such as e-boats or rickshaw transfers. Furthermore, we like to inform our clients about alternative ways to move around our destinations, for instance by train or electric car.

HONOR LOCAL COMMUNITIES by striving to provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists and visitors through more meaningful connections with indigenous communities and local people.  By increasing the visibility of the Sami people, the Gudvangen pagan community, and many other local communities, we endeavor to offer an enhanced, deeper understanding of local cultural, social, and environmental issues and concerns.

SUPPORT LOCAL PRODUCERS by carefully selecting small, local suppliers and providers that offer more sustainable, ethically sourced products and services, and thereby empowering local communities and manufacturers too.  

ADVOCATE FOR INCLUSION by creating tours that are accessible to those with physical challenges.

REDUCE EMISSIONS by prioritizing online arrangements with partners, clients, and suppliers whenever possible, and appropriate, to do so. Likewise, we offer our employees alternative ways of working, such as ‘home office’ arrangements, thereby providing the flexibility to work from home.

RECYCLE, REUSE, AND REDUCE at Delta’s head office, thereby striving to limit our overall energy consumption and waste production. We incorporate a broad range of green initiatives, such as reducing our energy expenditure by selecting energy suppliers committed to providing renewably sourced energy, purchasing fair-trade, organic beverages and healthy snacks for our staff, and ensuring that timber-based furniture and products are either recycled or sourced from well-managed, sustainable producers and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

HIRE COMITTED STAFF by carefully assessing the profiles of our applicants and prioritizing those candidates who demonstrate a passion and flair for sustainability, and whose professional and educational backgrounds can help us move towards a more environmentally mindful way of working and more circular business model.