Why Russia?

Discover the glorious and intriguing past of Imperial Russia with us. Pay a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress to learn about the tragic destiny of Anastasia and the Romanovs, walk in the gardens of Peterhof Palace following the footsteps of Peter the Great or be amazed by the sumptuous life of Catherina at Pushkin Palace and its Amber Room. Immerse yourself in the Czarist past of Russia.

Travel back to the times of the URSS with us. Visit some of the most iconic sites that showcase the opulence of the Soviet Union. The “Seven Sisters” skyscrapers built by Stalin in the 40´s, the metro stations in Moscow and Lenin´s Masoleum, are some of these iconic sites, where you will witness the opulence of Soviet Russia.

Visit the famous network of old cities, located north-east of Moscow, with us. Some of them date back to the 12th century and are home to ancient white stone temples and fascinating monasteries. Suzdal, Kostroma, Yarsolav and Rostov are some of the captivating towns where you will discover more about Russian history, traditions, and culture.

The Transiberian is a once in a lifetime journey. Book one of the most iconic train rides of all times, with us. From Moscow to Vladivostok, this train travels through the landscapes of the Ural and Siberia, and offers a unique, unparalleled way to reach Mongolia and China by train.

Explore the Russian cultural scene with us. Attend a ballet evening at the Bolshoi Theatre or watch the famous folk show Kostroma. Take part in a Matryoshka painting workshop or discover the collection of Fabergé Eggs. We offer you the most representative art experiences, in order to discover Russia´s colorful and charming culture.