Why Finland?

Nature is an important part of the Finns’ identity and a major source of their wellbeing. With more than 188,000 lakes and around 180,000 islands, much of the country is covered by either forest or water. Travelling to Finland is synonymous with spending time surrounded by nature, so we invite you to discover Finland with our kayak tours, hikes around the islands or canoe trips on the lakes.

When it comes to unique, special places to overnight, Finland deserves a particular mention.

Lodges and Tree Hotels in the middle of forests, glass cabins in untouched nature areas, or igloos, from which to admire the northern lights, are some of the special accommodation options the country has to offer. 

The Aurora Borealis is the most spectacular natural light show and they are visible in Finland almost 200 nights a year.

Join one of our many excursions and go searching for them: whether it is on a quiet snowshoe walk, a fun husky safari or a snowmobile expedition, a broad range of excursions are offered for those who dream of seeing the northern lights.

Meet the Sámi, the only indigenous people in the European Union. The Sámi culture is rich and strongly connected with reindeer herding and the land in which they live, Lapland. Discover their food, colorful handicrafts and clothing, and learn about their stories and traditions on our tours, and thereby also contributing to the preservation of their culture.

Finnish food is simple, fresh, and local. Smoked or dried reindeer, fried arctic char or salmon as well as mushrooms, berries, and herbs, are always part of the menu.  Embark on a gastronomical journey with us and discover why Finns are so loyal to their locally sourced produce and the pure ingredients provided by nature.

Saunas are an important and integral part of Finnish culture. You will find them in gyms, hotels, apartments, and cottages, you name it, they are everywhere.

Where there is a Finn, there is a sauna.

Whether it is a traditional, smoke or ice sauna (or all of them), you really cannot leave this country without having us book this quintessentially Finnish ritual.