Culinary Travel

Taste local ingredients and traditional meals with a hands-on experience. Join a cooking class and prepare the traditional Danish smorrebrød (open sandwich), learn to bake different types of Scandinavian bread and pastries, and even cook your own 3-course Nordic dinner.

Once the class is over, enjoy your own creation and take the recipes home, so you can bring the new flavors back to life whenever you want!

We combine traditional walking tours with stops to discover the local flavors, tasting delicacies, drinks and traditional meals.

Walk the corridors of food courts like Mathallen in Oslo or Östermalm in Stockholm, visit street food markets such as Reffen in Copenhagen and stop at some of the small, local stores that are representative of the local cuisine. In these tours, our passengers enjoy flavors and aromas that reveal a different, more authentic, aspect of the local culture.

Discover the local culture from a new angle, by learning more about locally-sourced food products and industries, the gastronomy and native eating habits.

Let your private guide take you to venues such as the Sprits Museum or the Ice Bar in Stockholm, discover iconic places such as the Carlsberg brewery, the Danish beer factory in Copenhagen, or pass by the more traditional food markets and the famous Michelin restaurants, such as Noma or Geranium.

We offer a range of excursions to discover a destination in a fun, active and most importantly, in a deliciously appetizing way. Explore the woods and forests like a local, foraging for mushrooms, seasonal berries, and herbs that can be picked and used to cook your own meal. Join an oyster safari or king crab safari in a RIB boat, an urban dining experience by bike, or a hike in the fjords that ends with a cider or cheese tasting.