Family Travel

Spot the local animal life in their natural environment. We arrange excursions with local guides who are experts in wildlife and will teach you everything about the indiginous fauna. Our guides know how to track animals and where to spot them without disturbing them. Moose, reindeers, puffins, bears, whales are some of the species you may find in our destinations.  

We provide the best car rental for you to discover our destinations in a safe, efficient and convenient way. We recommend a type of vehicle based on your route, number of days, passengers and time of the year and you will be provided with a detailed itinerary showing the best places to stop, with recommended driving times and distances. 

We plan itineraries that are suitable for the whole family, combining the 'musts' of each destination with a special a twist to make the tour unforgettable for kids and adults alike.

Our family friendly tours mix historical amusement parks, wildlife safaris, adventure activities with world class museums and active cultural experiences that are fun and interesting for the entire family.

Apartments, family rooms, twin-floor cabins, lodges and cottages are some of the accommodation solutions we offer to families.

We offer private tours for families who wish to have a customized experience, but we also offer them shared tours, whenever it is more convenient to do so. Depending on the type of activity, schedule, interests, and preferences of our passengers we recommend what we feel is best for them, whether it is a private or shared activity.

Let us take you to some of the most famous amusements parks in the world. From Tivoli and Bakken, which are amoung some of the oldest ones, to the modern and colorful Legoland, we invite you to discover the many magical parks loctated in the Nordic countries. Meet the loveliest characters on our tours, such as Pippi LongstockingSanta Claus, the Angry Birds and many more besides.